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Monday, August 6, 2012

Adgoggle - Monetizing from your facebook/twitter

Join today: Adgoggle - Monetize your social network

**Currently in Pre-Launch**

AdGoggle - Monetize from your social network!!!

Want to earn passive income without any initial outlay? Join today without delay to take advantage of the one and only paid to click mobile ads!!

What is AdGoggle?
AdGoggle is a mobile app that pays users passive, recurring, and perpetual monthly income when they and their multi-tiered network of people view and engage with mobile advertisements on the AdGoggle application.

AdGoggle's mission is to build and profit the world's largest multi-tier user network that advertisers can accurately, effectively and directly connect to. Watch the AdGoggle video for more information.

Best of all, you do not require any initial outlay or investment to earn from AdGoggle.

How much can I realistically earn with AdGoggle?
You can realistically earn USD 1,000-1,500 every month. You just need to get 100 friends to sign up here (it's free). If each of these 100 friends in turn gets 50 of their friends to sign up, YOUR AdGoggle network will now total 5,100 people. If each of these 5,100 people earns you an average of e.g. USD 0.01 per day, you will have a daily income of USD 51 per day. This works out to be a total monthly income of USD 1,530.  

How big is the mobile advertising market?
Worldwide mobile advertising spending hit USD 2 Billion in 2011. It is estimated that this figure will continue to grow and balloon to between USD 13-15 Billion by 2015. AdGoggle's aspiration is that through AdGoggle YOU will earn and receive a slice of this mammoth mobile advertising spending  

How much does it cost to sign up?
It's completely free of charge to sign up for the AdGoggle pre-registration, and free of charge after we launch. Signup is ALWAYS going to be free. Also, there will be NO fees charged or payments required at any point in time. In fact, AdGoggle does not have any way for users to make payments to us, so you couldn't pay us anything even if you wanted to! AdGoggle's payment options only allow AdGoggle to make payments to YOU.

So AdGoggle is NOT a multi level marketing company that requires you to pay money to join, or to purchase products from us. Everything is totally free! The money that you and AdGoggle earns together comes from advertisers which will spend over USD 5 billion in 2012 on internet and mobile advertisements.

So sign up today, invite your friends, build your AdGoggle network, and get ready to earn passive recurring income for the rest of your life!
Adgoggle - Monetize your social network